Special Orders

Specialty Fabrics & Products

We have the capability to locate and order an extensive array of fabrics and products for you, beyond what we carry in our own line. Whether it is a Brown Zebra Stripe, a Lobster print, Neon Green Velvet, Horsehair, Sunbrella, Chain Mail, Tassels or Pipe & Base, our experienced team is well known for finding those impossible fabrics, colors, textures, prints, yardage quantities and products. Call us today and let us turn the impossible into endless creative possibilities.





Contact us at (818) 714-2440 or email us at info@afabricagenda.com   

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Custom Sewing

If you need that extra assistance, our talented team can help with all of your sewing needs. Our Sewing Department produces the highest quality product(s) and a custom look for you and your client. The best part is, we do all the work. No event is too small or too large. We can create draperies to backdrops and everything in between for any occasion or venue. Call us today for a free quote.

Custom Dyed Fabrics

We have special access to custom dye an array of colors for you. We work closely with our Mills/Vendors to match, within industry standards, specific colors or shades that you may need or want, to ensure we exceed your expectations and help complete your creative vision.

Flame Proofing

If you see something you like that is non flame retardant, we offer a flame proofing service for any of our NFR fabrics and most special order fabrics. For further information on this service, please contact one of our team members.