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Grand Format Printing - Up to 16' seamless

Afabric Agenda provides printed media for In/Outdoor Advertising, Custom Trade Show Booths, POP Displays, Photographic Tents, Stage and Concert Backdrops, Flooring, along with other unique applications for the Fashion, Entertainment and Retail Industries.


We have the production capacity to provide a single print or provide volume production to a diverse number of industries.  We offer full service printing, sewing and finishing.

Since we deal with a wide variety of industries, including, but not limited to; Theatrical, Entertainment and Events to Retail, Tradeshows and Outdoor advertising, we offer Digital Printing and Dye Sublimation Printing, as all industries and clients have differing needs.

A few of the differences one might consider between Digital and Dye Sublimation:


  • Grand Format Printing

  • Up to 16' High Seamless Prints

  • Coated Fabrics, including Vinyls, Vinyl Mesh, PVC, Polyethylene, etc.




  • Primarily Polyester Fabrics 

  • Brilliant/Vibrant Color

  • Colors remain brilliant  even after multiple washings.

  • Photographic Quality

Examples of Digital Printing

Examples of Dye Sublimation  Printing

We can help you choose which Printing is right for your project.

        You will need to provide us:


  • Quantity and Size of prints

  • Date Needed

  • Indoor or Outdoor 

  • Print use:  Backdrop, Banner, Reveals, Trade Show,  POP Display, Flooring, etc.

  • Viewing Distance

  • Front lit or Back lit

  • Fabric Preference:  Vinyl, Mesh, Sheer, Stretch, Muslin, Canvas, Poplin, Flooring, Decals, etc.

  • Finishing:  Pipe pocket, Webbing/Grommets, Hot Knifed Edges, Hems, etc.

  • Artwork 



                                                                                                                 ARTWORK GUIDELINES                                                                                     




       File Formats    Vector files are preferred


  • AI - (Adobe Illustrator)                                                                                                                                                                              

  • PSD  -  (Photoshop Document)

  • PDF  -  (Portable Document Format)

  • TIFF *Hi Resolution -  (Tagged Image File Format)

  • JPG *Hi Resolution-  (Joint Photographic Experts Group)


  • Files should be built to full size.

  • If sewing is necessary, please include 1"-3" of bleed on all sides, and 6" if wrapping frames.

  • Full scale files (100%) should be submitted at 100-150 DPI

  • 50% scale at 200-300 DPI

  • 25% scale at 400-600 DPI

  • 10% scale at 1200 DPI or higher


  • All artwork/files should be created in CMYK.

  • Pantone colors can be converted to CMYK.  PMS color matching is available/additional fees may apply.

  • We recommend a test strike/print for color confirmation on critical jobs.


  • Convert all fonts to outlines.

  • or, fonts must be embedded in the file.




If you are unsure about fabric choice, no problem, we can help you select the fabric that best suits your application and budget.

The process is quick and easy.

Submit your artwork, sit back, relax and we will take it from here.


 Call   818.714.2440

             You can also email us at

       to get your Quote today.

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