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Curtain Type/Style


Curtain Fabric


Number of Pieces


Height & Width


Flat or Fullness


Top Finish


Bottom Finish


Side Hems or No Side Hems






Curtain Style                         Top Finish

Fullness       Pleating              Webbing        Grommets       Snaps        Ties

Flat               Shirred               Jute 3.5"        Brass               On top       On top                                  

50%              Knife Pleat         Nylon 2"         Nickel              Flush          Hidden               

75%               Box Pleat           Nylon 4"         Black               Set down




Bottom Finish                                                              Side Finish

Hem Size       Weight                     Pipe Pocket           On Stage        Off Stage

3"                    Pocket & Chain      With flap                1/2 Width        6" Hem

4"                    Lead tape                Inside hem            12" Hem           2" Hem

6"                                                                                    6" Hem           1" Hem



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