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Afabric Agenda's experienced Sewing team demonstrates an inherent ability to understand, construct and create your one of a kind custom designs.


Our expertise includes theatrical stage curtains, event drapery, backdrops, projection screens, cycs, stretch shapes and essentially any other type of sewn scenic or decorative element. We have the capability to handle any size project from a small venue to the largest arena. 


Let our experts help guide you in selecting the perfect fabric that best suits your application and budget. We are very familiar and accommodating with the "I need it yesterday" lead times. We will be there to assist you from concept to completion.

sienna satinx (4).jpg

        Stage Curtains

By using different types of stage curtains made of various fabrics maximum dramatic effects can be given to any act. From the simplistic flat masking panel to the dramatic Austrian puff, we fabricate to order and customize to meet your exact specifications.

Production Elements 2011-08-16 18.47 (1)_edited.jpg

       Scenic Elements

Our experts work with designers to fabricate their unique visions and bring them to life. Scenic & decorative walls, backdrops & cycs, keying screens, scrims, fabric structures, ceiling pieces, fabric floor coverings and custom builds.

Batiste ivory 1.JPG

        Event Drapery

Visually engage your events with custom sewn elements. We will create your pipe pocket panels, event drapery, swags, wall coverings, tent covers and canopies, ceiling treatments, pillows, embroidery, table skirting, chair cushions and more. Transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

Custom Sewn Stretch Mountain-Cosi Fan Tutti.jpg

       Stretch Shapes

Elevate your visual impressions with our custom-made Stretch shapes, truss covers, wall panels, sail panels, pipe & base covers, projection screens, and tension structures. Stretch your imagination and add innovative elements that exhilarate the environment.

Bruce Ryan Production Design

  Wedding Celebrations

Choosing a color pallete for the wedding decor will illuminate, excite and  stimulate the senses creating endless possibilities. The ideal shades  of drapery fabric and accents create  the perfect ambience for your  celebrations theme and season.

Projection Screen - Celtic Cloth 1.JPG

     Projection Screens

From large format screens to small at home theatres. Choose from our wide assortment of front and rear projection screen materials, PVC, wide width and seamless. We manufacture standard rectangular screens to the most unsual and unique shaped screens.

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